Our Mission

Grounded Upcycling aims to eliminate food waste in landfill by creatively repurposing organic byproducts into useful consumer products.

What we do:

  1. Collect separated coffee grounds from our coffee shop partners

  2. Process and dry the grounds to eliminate contamination

  3. Upcycle grounds into skincare products, soil amendments, and heating briquettes

  4. Compost the surplus grounds we don’t use in our products at local compost sites


About Us

In 2017, NYC produced upwards of 500,000 tons (1 Billion lbs) of organic waste. Organic waste makes up nearly 33% of total waste created in the city and there are only 2 major composting facilities that can handle food scraps and compostables that serve the NYC area. This creates a massive oversupply of organic waste and not enough space to handle it.

Grounded Upcycling aims to address a small section of this organic waste by collecting spent coffee grounds from local cafes and coffee shops. We use that "waste" in an "Upcycled Coffee Exfoliating Bar" that diverts coffee grounds from entering landfills.

Grounded Upcycling was created by a team of innovators with a desire to solve a social need: diverting food waste from landfill.

Nearly 25% of all waste in landfill comes from food, which contributes alarming amounts of methane emissions into our atmosphere. In order to solve this problem, we had to re-evaluate what "waste" really means. 

At Grounded Upcycling we want to illustrate that spent coffee grounds are much more than waste. We focus on up-cycling coffee grounds into useful consumer products that are loved by you and the planet.